India’s only active Mud Volcanoes – in Andaman and Nicobar Islands!

I think the most important thing that Andamans can be proud of is ACTIVE MUD VOLCANOES!
Yes, you read it right. These are active volcanoes that spill out mud. There are two active mud volcanoes in entire Andaman and Nicobar region. One is found at Diglipur and the other is located at Baratang.
India's only active Mud Volcanoes - in Andamans!
As part of my traveling spree, I traveled to Shyam Nagar, around 40 kms from Diglipur (and Diglipur is about 300 kms North of Port Blair). We had heard of an active Mud Volcano in the area and finally today we made the march. Reached the location at 7 am and got to know that we would have to travel for around an hour amidst dense forests! The weather was lovely so we walked ahead. The pictures below show the way we traversed.

When we reached the volcano, I was kind of disappointed as I could just see a huge deposit of molten mud that had got dried.

mud volcano
But soon, we were told that there were few more volcanos in the area. We again walked for about 2 kms and saw some of the most miraculous moments – mud coming out of small volcanos. There was a series of small volcanos that have been erupting mud for quite a few years now! So much so that you can see a drainage of the mud that has made its own path down the valley. The picture below depicts the mud that was erupted right in front of us!
molten mud
Watching a live volcano today is certainly one of the most fascinating sights. Somehow it also made me happy to realize that our beautiful A&N Islands boast of rich, creamy beaches, beautiful Islands, lush green forests and even rare volcanos!
In entire India, active volcanos exist only in A&N Islands in Baratang, Barren Islands and North and Middle Andaman.
active volcano

Watching a live volcano throwing out leaps of grey colored mud is a sight in itself. Isn’t it awesome that our country is one among the few countries that have active mud volcanoes?!

How to reach: Reach Diglipur by STS bus or seaplane or a ship. There are regular ferries to Diglipur from PortBlair. From Diglipur bus stand, board a bus to Shyam Nagar and then walk down to the volcanoes.

Accommodation: One can easily go to the volcano location and come back in 6 hrs or so. Thus, find an accommodation in main Diglipur city as Shyam Nagar does not have adequate lodging facility.

NOTE: The best time to visit the volcanoes is to reach there early in the morning as that time it is relatively less hot and the walk would be more comfortable. Also on the way back as the Sun shines, you may be able to capture some eruptions.

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  1. Prethmaksh says:

    Making me impatient to visit the place ASAP.

  2. rahul singh says:

    i find it much better then mauritius, wish to visit it asap. wd contact you surely when i plan for it . hw can we get your e-book???

  3. Rahul,

    I have been to Mauritius myself and while Mauritius is also extremely beautiful, Andamans has its own charm. And in some ways, yeah Andamans is even more beautiful than Mauritius.

    You can get the ebook by subscribing to the blog by entering your email and name in the subscription box.

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  5. Pankaj Kochhar says:

    Can you tell me the following:
    1. Whether active mud volcano exist in ‘Baratang’ !
    2. If yes how far it is from ‘Lime Stone Caves’ !
    3. If we want to see parrot island and lime stone caves then we need to stay at baratang. Thus, we can’t take the tourism deptt conducted tour package to baratang because under that visit to parrot island is not included and they return on the same day. It means we needs to go at our own. Can you guide us how to travel to ‘baratang’ by road through STS(since it is not possible to travel through sea in 1/2014 as we won’t be able to get the jetty tickets). At what time should we start from Port Blair !
    4. I think that at present there is no private hotel in ‘baratang’ and only govt accommodation (forest guest house etc) are available. As per your experience whether it is easy to get accommodation there in forest guest house ! I am in Central govt at M/O Finance, New Delhi so I hope that we might get an accommodation there.
    5. Further, can you tell me that whether there are any facility (other than hotel) in port blair where we can keep our luggage for 2-3 days since during our stay in andamans we will be moving out of port blair very frequently. May be staying in govt accommodation in port blair for day or two on different days/dates.
    6. What is the feedback about ‘Annapurna’ and ‘Ananda’ restaurant ! Whether any other restaurant in Port Blair is there which is compatible to them !
    7. Can you give me the e-mail, mobile number etc of the reliable agent who can book a govt jetty ticket for us on commission basis ! We might be needing the same between Port Blair to Havelock/Neil sector as there is a great difference between makruzz, coastal cruise ticket and govt jetty ticket. The tickets I think start 2-3 days before journey at STAR counters & it is really difficult to get the tickets from there.
    8. Would you like to comments on our proposed travel programe:
    2-1-2014 Arrival and stay at port blair
    (Cellular jain & light & sound show).
    3-5/1/2014 By seaplane to Hut Bay
    5/1/2014 Stay at Port Blair
    (local sight seeing Sagarika, science centre, museaum)
    6-8/1/2014 By govt jetty to Havelock & Neil
    (stay at dolphin/radahnagar beach-tented accommodation)
    8/1/2014 Arrival and stay at Port Blair
    9-10/1/2014 Stay at Baratang
    (Parrot,Lime Stone, Mud Volcano)
    10/1/2014 Stay at Port Blair
    11/1/2014 Visit to Jolly Boy
    12/1/2014 Chidiya Tapu Visit
    13/1/2014 Departure to Delhi.
    I am deliberately excluding diglipur in my travel program since lot of walking/trekking is involved in it and my wife is suffering from chronic kidney disease and I don’t want to make my trip hectic.

    • Pankaj,

      Sorry it is difficult to answer these many questions. IN short i can tell you that there is no facility to keep your luggage for 2-3 days in andamans, not that i know of. for jetty tickets, plz contact your travel agent who booked your hotels etc. or else google and call up any agent.

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