One more gem of Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Interview Island

One more gem of Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Interview Island

On Saturday morning we started for Interview Island, an Island that is about 3 hrs drive away from Maya Bundar. When we started we were not sure of the distance. We assumed it to be just few minutes away, but right after boarding the boat we got to know that it was really far away!

The journey to the island was tough. AC inside the interceptor boat was not working. And under the scorching heat of the Sun, the boat was actually crawling and we all were sweating heavily. (we were seven people and a baby in a small A&N police boat). The travel was actually a torture with hot, sunny weather, a clinging baby to be carried and no speed at all.

But thankfully, as we moved further towards the Island, weather began to improve (it started raining) and I had a breath of relief. By the time we reached the Island, it was heavily, hugely pouring. Again because of the less depth and the higher draft that the boat needed, it was parked at a distance from the Island and we were transported in a Dunghi boat! Below is the pic.

As we reached the Island, the weather had totally changed. It was windy, cloudy and awesome. What more a traveler can ask – wonderfully pleasant weather, uninhabited Island, aqua green sea in front and tall, dark trees all around! It was an amazing experience. I wanted to stay there for some more time and didnt want to come back. A simple view of the sea from the island was like this:

But since it was low-tide time and we knew that as the water level decreases, it would be difficult for the boat to cruise through. We had a tough time in reaching back to our interceptor boat as the water level had decreased and we walked in the mud that was upto knee. But once we reached the boat, we had an even more beautiful experience. We had lunch on the boat. You would envy me for this! Surrounded by sea, cool breeze and one has lunch on a boat with her family. I really felt blessed at that time. Blessed for being in A&N Islands that have bounty of pristine nature. The picture below shows me trying to feed Pahal.

On our way back to Maya Bundar, we spotted this lovely rainbow (which is faintly visible in the picture) and later captured the beautiful sunset. Real beauty was there were three rainbows in a row – one after the other. Although I could click only two of them. The boat was moving and the rainbows were at horizon so the three of them were not coming in the focus and sadly even those two of them are clearly not visible in the pics but still posting the pics.

Heres the sunset.

If you ask anyone about Interview Island in A&N Islands, they would tell you that it is an Island that has elephants. That is true. Long time back a British Timber company was shut down and the elephants that the company used were trained elephants. The company abandoned them and later these elephants were moved to Interview Island. There is a small police check post in the Island. But the policemen who stay there are usually safe. No casualties have been reported so far.

One more peculiar thing about Interview Island is its fresh water sources. Surprisingly, the Island has numerous fresh water sources. On the Western coast of the Island, there is a cave below a hill that gives out fresh water. A thick stream of fresh water erupts from the cave and the depth of that source is not known so far. Below is the pic. Sorry for the poor quality.

The first picture shows the water pond at the foot hill. Second picture shows the stream of water that gushes out of the small cave below the hill. The numerous sourecs of fresh water that this Island has make it no less than a wonder.

If given a chance, you must visit this place.

How to reach there: Hire a Dunghi boat from Mayabunder Jetty.

Where to Stay: Tourists can not stay at the island. You have to go and come back on the same day.

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