Visiting Avis Island, Mayabunder

This post is about Avis Island in Mayabunder. Avis Island is about 20 mins ride away by Dunghi from Mayabunder jetty. Sadly, Avis Island is not open for tourists.
Visiting Avis Island, Maya Bundar
The beautiful, serene Avis Island lies in Mayabunder. Basically, this island is famous for its coconut plantation. A reputed resort owner had taken the land on lease which later fell into some judiciary troubles. The administration has then started a coconut plantation on the island.

Avis Island is a lovely, small, beautiful island which is about 20 mins rides away (by Dunghi boat) from Mayabunder jetty.

As soon as one approaches the island, coconut plantation becomes evident just as in the picture below.

Avis Island has a small but creamy beach. The water is very calm, placid and clear. So much so that one can easily see fish frolicking in the water and little corals if one walk a bit into the sea.

Fish at Avis Island

The beach is not too good for swimming as there are small stones and pebbles in the water just beyond the beach. Also just as one goes a bit inside the water, the depth suddenly increases due to some troughs.

In any case, it is a perfect destination for basking in the sun and sea water by simply sitting in the water. The tall, thick coconut trees provide shade which saves you from scorching heat.

Avis Island, Mayabunder

If you are in Mayabunder, visiting Avis must be on your to-do list. It does not take much time to reach there. Going there early in the morning is always a good idea as the weather supports your trip. Also, the island is worth spending few hours. It is an uninhabited island and provides the perfect tranquil location to soothe your body and soul.

How to reach Avis Island, Mayabunder: Hire a dunghi from Mayabunder Jetty.

Update: Avis Island is closed for toursists. To visit the place, one has to take permission from the local authorities.

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