Ross Island, Port Blair

Ross Island, Port Blair
Ross Island from distance

Ross Island is another beautiful Island near Port Blair. If you stand at the Marine Park, PB, you can see the island.

It is a lovely place to spend few hours and learn about the historical importance.

Some ruins on the Island

Ross Island is located very near to Port Blair and thus can be easily reached within few minutes. Regular ferries connect the island with Port Blair Marine Park.

The island was the headquarter of the British colony in A&N. On visiting the island, one can understand the reasons why British chose Ross Island as their head quarter. The place gives picturesque views from all around.

A beautiful view on the Island

Ross still has ruins of some of the buildings that were built during British period. Though they have now been engulfed by the roots of huge trees but watching these buildings makes one nostalgic.

Ruins of the Officers Quarters


Dilapidated Church of the British Times

The place can boast of the ruins of a British Church, Mansion, Market etc.

There is also a small museum that has pictures taken and drawn in those times.

The back side of the Ross Island gives a lovely view of the open sea. You can sit for hours reveling in the cool breeze and the amazing sea view.

View of the open sea from the back side of the Island

An added perk is the number of Peacocks, Deer and Ducks you can spot at the Island.

This island is a must visit in A&N Islands.

How to Reach: Take a ferry ride from Marine Park (Water Complex), Port Blair. Ferries run from 7 am till 3 pm. It is better to take a ferry in the morning and return back by afternoon. These ferry rides usually charge around Rs.100 per person per trip.

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