Chatham Saw Mill and Forest Museum, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman offers a lot apart from beaches and Chatham Saw Mill is one such great example.Asia’s biggest and oldest saw mill, Chatham Saw Mill, is situated at Chatham Island and is a popular tourist destination. The mill dates back to 1883 and was set up by the British.

Chatham Saw Mill and Forest Museum, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The mill cuts huge, lofty logs of woods into usable wooden sticks. As soon as you land in Chatham, it is all wood around. Large piles of woods can be seen being loaded, unloaded, sorted, cut and moulded.

The pics below show how the wooden logs are being cut, fined and moulded in required sizes.

Chatham mill was of utmost importance in the pre-independence era as it catered to the needs of the west. During the second world war, it became a prey to the heavy bombarding done by the Japanese and was badly destroyed as one bomb hit it directly. The Japanese then occupied this island and it remained under their rule till 1945. Post second world war, the island revived its glory and the mill started functioning again in 1946.

Earlier, locomotives were used to carry woods. Later, the use of locomotives was discarded.

Chatham Saw Mill also produces sawn timber and handles the production of ‘Paduak’ – Andaman’s well known, premier wood.

In the mill, there is also a Forest Museum that showcases some of the masterpieces made from Andaman woods.

Here is a pic of a wooden chain. Yes, this chain is made of wood!

Have a look at some of the beautiful wooden pieces showcased in the museum..

Do not forget to visit Chatham Saw Mill on your visit to A&N.

How to reach there:

You can visit Chatham via road from Port Blair or you can take a ferry ride to Viper and North Passage Islands from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex

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