Visit Neil Island – the Coral Capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Visit Neil Island - the Coral Capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Neil Island Jetty

As soon as you step onto the off white beaches of Neil Island, the place entices you immediately and for a moment you pinch yourself to realize that yes, it is real!

View from Neil Island Jetty

Though entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands group can be proud of their bountiful marine life, it is Neil Island that is prominent when it comes to the life beyond land.

Neil Island is at a distance of about 40 kms from Port Blair and is well connected with the capital. It has three daily boats to Port Blair and also has a frequent boat service to the neighboring and very popular Havelock Island.

Neil is full of natural wealth in terms of clear water beaches, lovely sunsets and sun rise views, rich coral reefs and natural rock formation settings.

This place offers many scenic beaches and views. Best of these are Bharatpur Beach, Lakshmanpur beach and Sitapur beach.

Bharatpur beach is famous for its white, exotic beach that sprawls over a wide, long area.

Bharatpur Beach


Neil Island


Neil Island Beach

At Sitapur beach, you can experience the spell bound sunset. With the open sea extending into forever, the sun sinks into the sea giving picturesque views.

Sunset at Sitapur Beach

Natural rock formation is another major tourist attraction.

Neil island is also very well known for its rich marine life. Snorkeling in Neil can be a life changing experience. At Bharatpur beach one can go for snorkeling in a glass bottom boat. The same people who run the boat also offer the service of taking you to snorkel.

A ride in glass bottom boat costs around Rs. 150 and snorkeling per person costs around Rs. 400.

How to reach there: Neil is very well and frequently connected with Port Blair. You can take a boat ride either from Port Blair or from Havelock.

Where to stay: Very near to the Neil jetty, there is an Andaman and Nicobar Tourism guest house that offers decent and spacious rooms at an affordable price. But remember this guest house gets booked in advance during peak tourist season. There is also a private hotel nearby.

6 Responses to “Visit Neil Island – the Coral Capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands”

  1. Wonderful Pictures!
    I’ve been to Andamans in 2010,and had life changing experience overcoming my Hydrophobia.
    An informative post :)

  2. Hey Surabhi,

    Neil’s is the best place I have ever been to.. I had visited Andamans last year and we made a over night stay at the Neils.. Like you said, the sunset at Sitapur was amazing… Talking about corals and glass boats, this place is a paradise on earth.. So many beautiful colorful creatures.. I must say you are lucky to stay in Andaman.. I have one complaint is that I got bad sun burns in Neil’s :( even after loading SPF 60 :(

  3. Surabhi says:


    Yeah! Indeed it is super beautiful.. and even I feel I am blessed to be here though for only a short duration.

    And sunburns.. :( :( no relief from it..

  4. Meghna says:

    Hi Surabhi

    Neil Island looks so beautiful and yet unexplored. Its a small island so I guess we can explore the entire island in a day? Do we get Autos easily for visiting various attractions at Neil?

    Also read about Sunburns :( Whats your advice to protect ourselves? :)

    • Meghna, Neil is the best. Autos arent that common so I’d advise you go for a cab. Hire a cab for entire day and visit all the places listed on my blog. And sunburns.. hmm.. sunscreen. You must get a SPF 50 ka sunscreen and apply it liberally. Andamans does tan you badly :( and buy a hat as well. I also suggest you carry a face mask. I always carry one with me. It helps in getting un-tanned.

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