A Beach To See In Rangat – Aamkunj Beach

A Beach To See In Rangat - Aamkunj Beach

Rangat falls in Middle Andaman and there is a well known, beautiful beach known as Aanmkunj beach.

The beach is barely 100 mts from the main road i.e. ATR.

The forest officials at Rangat under the guidance of the DFO (Divisional Forest Officer), Mr. V. Kannan, took a lovely, green initiative and transformed the sea beach into an eco park that is now the main recreation area for the locals and visitors. This beach that once managed to see the faces of merely tens of people in a day now gets hundreds of visitors.

The park is now a popular tourist’s destination and a hit among the children. Kudos to the forest authorities for the initiative I hope Andamans sees a boom at several other places.

What makes this park unique is the fact that everything is made up of woods and particularly the wood logs that were lying around the beach. So, in a way this initiative not only built a green family park but also made the best possible use of the wooden logs that otherwise occupied the sea beach.

These logs that were lying at the sea shore were dragged with the help of elephants and brought to the location of the park.

Admirably, not a single tree was cut while developing this place!

A tree standing tall here tells its own tale.

Here a few features of the park and the various sculptures that are made:

Eco Huts

A place to sit with a roof on the top. In the rainy season one can sit inside the hut while enjoying the rains drizzling besides.


The grove is furnished with unique structures obtained from nature. Some of these are:

Log Sofas

These are shelled out from the logs of Khari Badam tree that had got uprooted during the Tsunami of 2004. These structures are maintenance free, durable and will last for many decades to come.

Log Teapoys and Log Stools

These are also made from the trunk of the logs of Khari Badam tree and cut in cross section. Stools are made from the upper portion of the uprooted logs.

Trunk Benches

Benches are provided around the tree trunk for the visitors to enjoy the nature. These are made up of the lateral cut pieces of logs which are generally left unused. While making these round, all purpose benches, due care was taken that no damage was caused to the tree trunk.


These unique dustbins are made up of hollow logs which had no economic value, whatsoever. A deciduous tree like Padauk develops hollowness when they are atleast few centuries old and when heartwood portion of the tree deteriorates. This property of the tree was put into the best use.

And now heres the parking lot.

A similar park is in making a few kilometers from this place. Here are a few pics of the making.

This is hallow Padauk wooden log. This is being used for making the dustbins.

Sofas and seats in the making from the dead wooden logs.

And now the turn for nature’s miracle. At this place there is natural fresh water and its like a heaven for travelers and truck drivers who otherwise do not easily find fresh water for drinking. And this is the reason for choosing this place as a park! What a brilliant idea!

And here is the man behind this entire idea, its inception and the hard work, Mr. Vishwa Kannan, addressing the PRIs of his division and creating awareness about the forests and nature.

Come, visit this place to feel the eco-ness!

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  1. Thanks a lot for those appreciation. Encouraging indeed.Nicely and aptly described. Pl. plan for a trip to Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walk.

  2. Sir, I will soon do a post on Dhaninallah as well.

  3. Mukesh says:

    Dear Surabhi, Is the Aamkunj beach a rocky beach and not safe for swimming or taking a dip in sea water?

  4. Anupama says:

    Hi Surabhi,

    Rangat seems to be another nice place to spend time during Andaman trip.

    How far are the following destinations from Rangat main market?

    1) Rangat Jetty
    2) Aamkunj Beach
    3) Dhani Nalla
    4) Cutbert bay beach

    Can we cover them on a given day? Which would be the best place for watching sunset at Rangat? :)

    Thanks for this wonderful treasure of information.

    • Anu, Aamkunj and Dhani Nallah are nearby. Just a few kilometers away and lie on the ATR. Rangat jetty isnt worth visiting. as in.. jettys are in general are not tourist places. Cutbert bay beach is lovely.. but it would take time. You can cover them in a day. Start the day with Dhani Nallah in the early morning; then Cutbert Bay beach and finally aamkunj in the evening! It might get hectic though!

      • Anupama says:

        Thanks Surabhi. We will plan accordingly.
        Read news about Cyclone Lehar recently and few weeks back there were other cyclones as well.. Is this regular phenomenon at Andaman every year or this time its more prominent?

        Which months in your opinion are best to Travel to Andaman when the Weather risk is relatively lesser?

        • Hey Anu, good to know you know about the cyclones. Otherwise we feel that no media is interested in covering any news about Andamans. :) Dont worry about this cyclone thing so much. In the last four years of my stay, this is the first time it has happened so frequently. But I would still advise that you keep 1-2 days extra in hand so that in times of torrential rains, you don’t miss your flight! 😀 Oct – March is typically the best season to travel.

  5. Sudhir says:

    Hi Surabhi

    We are planning to reach Rangat by Ferry from Havelock. Could you please let us know how far is Govt. Accommodation (Hawabill) from Rangat Jetty? And how can we reach there from the Jetty?

    Also can we hire Cab at Rangat for visiting Diglipur (Ross & Smith Island)? Any idea about the Cab charges for this trip (Rangat to Diglipur and return back to Rangat)?

    • Sudhir, you can reach Hawabill by cab or auto. I’d suggest you speak to some cab operator in advance who can first drop you to Hawabill and then can take you to Diglipur next day. Diglpr-Rangat journey might cost around 8-12 K return.

  6. Ashima says:

    Hey Surabhi, wanted to seek one quick clarification from you.

    The cost (around 8-12 k return) for Diglipur-Rangat journey is for a cab hired from Port Blair? Any idea how much would be the charges if we hire the cab at Rangat for a day trip to Diglipur and return on the same day back to Rangat. We will go by ferry to Havelock from Rangat and hence don;t need the cab till Port Blair.

    Could you also please share contact number of any Cab operator based out of Rangat?

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