Some More About Turtle Nesting and Hatchling at Kalipur Beach..

Last night we went again went for Turtle Nesting at Kalipur Beach.It was an exciting experience. I have blogged about Turtles laying eggs at Kalipur Beach. This post is about the babies that have come out of the eggs.

Once the turtle lays the eggs, the forest officials uncover the eggs from the earth and bury them in a safe place where they keep track of these eggs.

Here is how they keep records of all the eggs.

Some More About Turtle Nesting and Hatchling at Kalipur Beach..

This is the close – up and you can see the records they keep.

In about 45 days, all the eggs are hatched and you see the small, soft tips of their heads emerging out from the ground. I have tried to capture the moment in this pic below:

You can see an egg still lying in the ground on the right hand side while at the center you can spot two baby turtles trying to come up.

Within 4-5 hours of time, all the eggs are hatched. The forest officials then collect these hatchlings, wash them with water and collect them in a bucket.

Here is a close up of two baby turtles who are racing up the bucket.

Baby Turtles at Kalipur Beach

These baby turtles are then released into the sea. Here is an interesting thing. These many turtles are released on the beach next to sea. The officials just pick them out from the bucket and place them on the beach. But from their instincts, these one day or may be just few hours born turtles know where they have to go. Look at the pictures below. At the time of releasing the turtles, they are in different directions but the moment you leave them, they all know where they have to go and the head straight to the sea! How wonderful it is. One must watch this to feel the experience.

And see how they found their direction..

At the sight of these lovely baby turtles, I could not resist picking up one in my palm and feel it.

Come, visit Andamans..

4 Responses to “Some More About Turtle Nesting and Hatchling at Kalipur Beach..”

  1. Anupama says:

    Hi Surabhi

    What do we actually get to see when we go for Turtle Nesting sightseeing at various places (Kalipur beach or at Rangat)? Do we get to see the Eggs or the Hatching? I have read that folks sometimes are told to visit during night time for this Turtle Nesting so I was confused :)

  2. Ankur says:

    Hi Surabhi

    Is there any specific time duirng the day to see the hatchlings? Will we get to see them if we visit in the afternoon or evening during the season (Jan-Feb)?

    • Oh yes, you are visiting Andaman at just the right time as far as hatchlings are concerned. This is the main time for turtle nesting. :) Hatchlings are released at various times.. but mostly right before the sunset. What you can do is go to the beach a little early and ask the forest guard there about the time of releasing hatchlings.

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