Visit Andamans to Experience a Variety of Modes of Transport

I was having a casual discussion with my friend and I figured out that Andamans has the most varied modes of transport to travel within Andamans.
Just to highlight one more feature of Andaman’s varsity, here are the various different modes of travel that you can experience only in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.SeaPlane

Visit Andamans to Experience a Variety of Modes of Transport

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the only place in India as of 2012 to have operated the service of Sea Plane. A seaplane is a plane that can land on water and also takes off from water. It is more like a helicopter but the ride is more enjoyable, comfortable and a bit faster than that of the Pawan Hans helicopter. You can read more about a seaplane here.

Pawan Hans Helicopter

Below is an arial view from a helicopter

Here is the inside view

I had my first helicopter ride in Andamans. It was quite an exhillarating experience. The moment when the heli lifts itself up from the ground is thrilling. But post that, it gets a bit of torture. If you are flying in the sun, it becomes hot inside and then the sound of the wings! But yes, heli offers good views of the sea and forests below. And yes, it saves a lot of your time. Though getting a heli ticket is extremely difficult.


An inside picture

Makkruzz is a private boat that runs from PortBlair to Havelock and returns back. It has a capacity of more than 100 people and is very comfortable to travel with. People with sea sickness would find a huge relief here. The seats are super comfortable with enough leg space and there are full size windows on both the sides thus making the views amazing. Watching a sunset on the right hand side while returning from Havelock in the evening is surely worth the price Makkruzz asks for. You can book the tickets online though in peak season it is better to get the tickets done a bit early.

Sea Vessels

There are many sea vessels that connect various islands with each other and with Port Blair. These ship vessels vary in their sizes, speed and room capacities. Some of them have cabins while some are just seaters. There is nothing extra ordinary about the rides in them except that once you are on the deck, you don’t want the journey to end.


There are various types of Dunghis that are used by boat mean and fishermen. Some of them are shown below.

It is the local made wooden boat which is not very safe to use but is used extensively as it can run on low draft. In the areas, particularly when it is time for low tide, these boats become the crucial carriers.

Gemini Boats

These are a bit faster than dunghis and are used at many beaches but not very comfortable as unlike dunghis these do not have a seat to sit on!

Glass Bottom Boats

These are boats that are used by tourist guides to show around the corals. In Neil Island and at Wandoor beach, the tourist guides use these boats to carry the passengers to the sea and show them the corals. These boats have a magnifying glass at the bottom centre of the boat that lets you see the corals beneath. One ride costs around Rs. 150-200 per person.

Along with the above, you can also experience being ferried over a creek on a ship!!

Visit Andamans to feel these rides.

Indian residents can book their flights with KF, Jet, GoAir and Indian Airlines. Good news is that Indian Airlines now have a direct flight from PortBlair to Delhi and return!

International readers can book their flights to India by clicking here. Have a great time in Andamans!

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