Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder

Mayabunder is a rather dull place in terms of tourist spots. There isn’t much to see in Mayabunder except Karmatang beach and Avis Island.
Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder

This weekend we decided to explore Karmatang Beach. It is in Mayabunder and is about 20 mins drive away from my house. It is a beautiful, green, clean beach that also has a little park for children.

The beach is a perfect location for an evening outing and to have a small beach party. There are several small huts that one can sit in during rains or when needs some shade.

The water is not clean as the sand is not dark colored brown sand and thus the color of the water is also like the sand but you would surely enjoy the walk on the beach.

Beware of the sand flies as with the sunset, one can actually feel the attack of the sand flies :( so it is better to carry an anti-mosquito cream.

This place gives you an opportunity to take a walk in the nature’s lap; enjoy the cool breeze and have a nice evening or a morning or rather any time of the day!

If you come to Karmatang beach, Mayabunder, carry a book with you for there are many benches and hammocks at the beach that provide a perfect setting for an evening read. There is also a small hut built at the beach that provides superb view of the sea and makes the beach an ideal place for an evening get together.

How to reach Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder: The beach is about 20 mins drive away from Mayabunder city. You can take a STS bus from Port Blair or come to Mayabunder by ship and then hire a cab to the beach.

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  1. Karmatang Beach is one of the best in Mayabunder with all feathers like – Drinking water, Huts,park,BSNL mobile coverage etc. maintained by Forest Department Mayabunder.

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  3. vibin says:

    can u pls suggest a stay near karmatang beach.
    we are a group of 10

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