A Short Trip to Stewart Island, Andaman

A Short Trip to Stewart Island, Andaman

Today I decided to explore another beautiful island in the vicinity. It is called Steward island and it is near by Mayabunder, about 1 hour journey by Dunghi. Yes! that is near in our parameters.

Stewart Island

I, accompanied by a great companion, left Mayabunder Jetty at 2:30 pm and reached Stewart at 3:30 pm. On the way we spotted another island that had a small white beach. To our surprise, there was a beach volleyball game going on.

Volley Ball match at Stewart Island

Yeah, Andamans can surprise you in more ways than one. I assumed Stewart was uninhabited and we might not find a bird there but to our astonishment there were about 20 people who had come there for a match and were playing volley ball and that too without any net. They had cleverly dug two bamboo sticks vertically in the ground and placed one stick horizontally over the two. That is it. Life is simple. Isn’t it?

This is jugaad technology

The island is uninhabited and like all other Andaman islands, it is pristine in nature. Located in the mid of the sea, the island has a narrow but long beach. The sand is brown-black which is why the water at the beach is not see through water. Also, one may feel the presence of sand flies on the beach.

The long, narrow beach

While we enjoyed the cool breeze of the sea and yellow-orange lights of the sun on the clouds, we spotted a rainbow.

Rainbows are a usual sight in Andamans. You venture out into the sea on sunny days and you normally find a rainbow somewhere. And then something very artistic caught our attention. A crocodile!

A mud crocodile

Yeah, this is the crocodile made up of sand that the volleyball players made right in front of us. I could not stop myself from admiring their spontaneous creativity. Didnt I tell you Andaman surprises you in more than one way?

How to reach here: Hire a boat from Mayabunder jetty. If you plan to visit this island, start early and be back before sunset.

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