Chidiyatapu, Port Blair: The place that gives you the best sunset view in Andamans


If you ask me which place gives the best sunset view in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, I would say it is Chidiyatapu in Port Blair! Chidiyatapu, Port Blair is located at one corner of Port Blair and gives a stunning sunset view.

Chidiyatapu: The place that gives you the best sunset view in Andamans
Sunset at Chidiyatapu

Andamans is abundant with places that give you awesome views of the sunrise and the sunset. But Chidiyatapu is still different.

Chidiyatapu provides many picturesque views

While in many islands, you can view sunsets across the vast ocean, in Chidiyatapu, the sun actually sinks inside the sea but behind a small hill, and that is what makes the view unique.

Sun sinking behind the hills

Chidiyatapu is about 25 kms from main Port Blair city and is well connected by road. It is the southernmost point of South Andaman district.

Sunset at Chidiyatapu

One can easily reach here by hiring a cab. The best time to visit is ofcourse in summers as that is when you have clear sky and a lovely myriad of sunset colors in the sky. During rainy season, there is hardly any view as the sky is grey and covered with clouds. This is a picture of the place in rainy season.

Sunset at Chidiyatapu

There is also a biological park near the sunset point and a beach called Munda Pahad beach.

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  1. D.Nambiar says:

    Lovely pictures, Surabhi.

  2. Thanks D! ­čśÇ I have a good friend whom I lovingly call D :)

  3. AmitAag says:

    Awesome pics Surabhi:) A unique sunset indeed! Will have to take a refresher’s course of your posts before going to A&N so that I don’t miss anything:)

    • Thank you Amit ji. Plz let me know whenever you plan to come here. I have prepared a report on 10 must do things in Andamans. I will send that report to you so that you do not miss the MUST VISIT places.

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  5. Pankaj Kochhar says:

    Dear Surahi,
    I am planning to visit ‘Andaman’ in January,2014. Can you tell me the following:
    1. Whether the ‘Lime Stone Caves’ is accessible for tourist, keeping in view of restriction imposed on ATR !
    2. Can you send me the 10 must do things in Andamans, as you mentioned in your reply to one of post above !
    3. I want my children to do scuba diving. Can you tell me that which is the best place for the same in ‘Andamans’ !
    4. Further, advise me the place best for water sports activities for children.
    5. In Havelock what is better to stay at ‘dolphin resort’ or to stay at ‘radha nagar beach resort’ i.e. tented accommodation by tourism deptt.

    • Hi Pankaj,

      1. Limestone caves are very much accessible!
      2. Please subscribe to the blog and download my ebook.
      3. For Scuba, Neil and Havelock are the best though not sure if children can do it.
      4. for children, marina park in Port Blair is safe.
      5. There is no Govt. accommodation near Radhanagar Beach. Dolphin is lovely. It has a small beach right in front of the resort!

      If you need any assistance with the booking, let me know.

  6. Amar says:

    Dear Surabhi
    Must congratulate you on this wonderful blog/ site that you have created. The e book and your write ups combined give a beautiful,lucid and unique perspective on the Andamans.

    May I request you for some information on Cinque Island which is close to Chidiya Tapu? I will be visiting PB in 1st week of Jan 2014. I would like to know about accessibility, logistics of visit, costs involved and other relevant details &, if possible, contact of some operator who runs trips for the Cinque Island.

    Thanks and regards



    • Amar, thanks for writing to me. Glad you liked the blog. I cant give much information on Cinque as I havent been there yet. But I know that you can go there after obtaining a pass from the authorities. Have you contacted your travel agent about the same? I will try to enquire from here and will let you know whatever information I give to you.

  7. Ankur says:

    Hi Surabhi

    Do we get Bikes / Activa on Rent at Port Blair? If yes from where can we hire 2 wheelers in Port Blair. I have heard about Bike renting in Havelock however have not read much about the same in PB.

    Would like to explore the beauty of this place on 2 wheeler.

    How is the route and How safe is travelling from Port Blair to Chidiya Tapu on rented vehicle? Do we have enough Parking space to park the vehicle near Munda Pahad beach?

    • Ankur, too many questions! :) I havent heard about bike renting in PB. You do get bikes on rent in Havelock but not sure about PB. and even if it is there, riding a bike in PB isnt that great a fun because of the heavy traffic that the city faces every day. Chidiyatapu is about 30- 40 mins ride away from PB city. I suggest you go there in a cab. I will contact you if I get any info about renting bikes in PB.

  8. Ameeta says:

    Hi Surabhi
    Just loved reading yr blog. It gave me a lot of insight on Andamans.
    I am visiting Andamans in the 3rd week of Jan and your blog has helped me in deciding what places to visit.
    I just have one question: Is it necessary to book a package or can we go for sight-seeing on our own?(especially for Baratng) The reason I ask this is because of ferry timings, routes etc which we as tourists aren’t aware of.
    While searching on the net all I come across are packages for Andamans, therefore I was wondering if it is difficult to move around on our own…

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