White Surf Waterfall, Andamans

White Surf Waterfall, Andamans
The magnificent waterfalls

How would you feel when you travel amidst dense forest on a narrow path way and are finally greeted with a beautiful waterfall?! That too when on the way you cross a few small creeks and find several natural beauties around?

A creek on the way

Mesmerized, isn’t it? That is the experience you have when you travel to White Surf waterfalls in Hutbay Island at Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Way to the waterfall
Hutbay Island, also known as Little Andaman, is 120 kms away from Port Blair and is southwards from Port Blair. There are regular boat services from Port Blair to HutBay. Though, relatively less frequented by tourists, this island has some highly mesmerizing places to visit. The island is also home to aboriginal tribe, Onge. Hutbay Island has many attractive places to see. Two of the very well known places are Butler Bay beach and White Surf Waterfall.
The waterfall
White Surf waterfall lies in the dense forest and is about 7 kms away from Hut Bay town. The locals say that the waterfall used to be much bigger than their current size before the Tsunami of 2004. This is indeed quite believable as when you travel in Andamans, you can still see the after effects of Tsunami all around and particularly around the southern parts of Andamans.

Earlier people could also enjoy elephant rides to the waterfall but I am not sure if the pleasure is still available.

The clear water falling down
The waterfall is big and true to its name – Whit Surf. The sight of white foamy water streaming down a small hill is worth watching. The entire place is covered with lush green forests and is nature lover’s idea of ideal travel.
White Surf Waterfall, Hut Bay
Another thing that makes the place worth visiting is that it is not crowded like many other places in Andamans. You hardly find tourists around and that is primarily because the place is a little far off from Port Blair and the only mode of commute (apart from Seaplane) is boat that takes around 6-8 hrs one way. HutBay is a small but lovely place to visit. It is a Bengali dominated area so you see Bengali culture around and the Durga Pujo celebrations are said to be the best here in entire Andamans.
Creek on the way to the waterfall
You may also trek to the top of the waterfall which is kind of a pool up on the hill. There are a few small creeks that you would cross when you walk for the waterfall. Locals say that these creeks initially had crocodiles and snakes but these days you normally do not find crocodiles in Andamans. They are a rare sight. This is surely the place to have a nature’s retreat.
A bench made from single wooden trunk of a tree
How to reach: Regular boat services are available from Port Blair to HutBay. Seaplane service is also available. 
Where to stay: PWD guest house is available in the heart of HutBay town apart from ANIFPDCL guest houses. It is recommended to make prior arrangements of stay in the island. Further information may be collected from the Directorate of Tourism office whose details are available here.

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