Watching Moon Rise in Andamans

Last week when we went to take a walk on Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walk, we also got the golden or rather diamond opportunity to watch a Moon Rise!

Watching Moon Rise in Andamans
A corner of the sea suddenly lit up and we realized it was time for Moon Rise
It was a complete majestic sight. Something more than royal, a grand rising.

Being based in Andamans, I have watched sun rise at numerous occasions and twice I watched an early morning sunrise where Sun rises as a round ball of brick red heat from the womb of the ocean. The picture below is one of those moments when I watched the early morning sun rise.

Sun Rise at Ross and Smith Islands
This time, for the first time ever, I watched Moon Rise. I was not aware that we could watch it in Andamans.

It happened suddenly; we were laying on Dhani Nallah beach under the open sky, counting stars and making imaginative patters of constellations that we spotted a bright light at one corner of the sea.

Moon in its full glory
This caught our attention and soon we saw a grand orange moon rising from the corner inch by inch. If I compare it with sun rise, I can clearly see the difference.

With Sunrise the whole sky lights up with light and within a span of few seconds, the sky becomes a bright blue spread. At the time of moon rise, the sky remains dark,only one corner lights up and all you can see is a splendid evolution of orange like ball from the sea!

Watching Moon Rise in Andamans
Nothing can be compared to these nature’s beautiful scenes. They fill the heart with glory and beauty.

The scene is etched in my memory like a forever spot. If you happen to be at a beach on a full moon day, wait for the dark and watch the moon rise!

P.S. I am sorry I couldn’t capture the beautiful essence of the rise. My camera has limited capacity and probably capturing the ‘real’ glory of the moon rise was way beyond its capacities. So, kindly excuse the blurriness in the pictures.

8 Responses to “Watching Moon Rise in Andamans”

  1. Nice pics and articles. Btw where is Dhani Nallah Beach?

  2. Avik,

    It is near Rangat and about 5 kms from Betapur. It lies in middle Andaman.

  3. ashima says:

    Hi Surabhi

    Could you please also share few decent accommodation options in and around Rangat?

  4. Deepthi says:

    Hi Surabhi

    This looks really beautiful :)

    How can we reach Rangat from Port Blair? What is the Bus frequency? Do we have private buses as well for Rangat?

    How about the return trip from Rangat to Port Blair? What are the timings?

    • Hi Deepthi.. There are regular state transport buses from Rangat to Port Blair and vice versa. There are private buses as well. There are government ships as well. 😀 Have you booked your trip? If you need any help, email me with your phone number and all your travel details. I may help you.

  5. Deepa says:

    Hey Surabhi, this is really amazing. We will definitely visit during our Andaman trip.

    I know the entire North and Middle Andaman region is treat to eye however due to limited time, we may visit only 2-3 attractions in and around Rangat. Besides Dhani Nallah Mangrove Nature Walkway, which other attractions in Rangat would you recommend? Which is the best beach in Rangat? :)

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