Natural Rock Formation at Neil Island


Neil Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Andamans. Some think it is even more beautiful and pristine than Havelock.

In my opinion, both of these very famous tourist destinations of Andamans, have their own charm.

Natural Rock Formation at Laxmanpur Beach 2, Neil Island

Neil Island offers many views to the visitors. One of these is its Natural rock Formation view.

Natural Rock Formation at Neil Island

To experience the best view of the rocks, it is advisable to go during low tide. I couldn’t go during low tide but I also didn’t want to miss seeing it, so I headed in high tide itself.

If you don’t enjoy the rocks, you would still love this place for its sheer natural beauty

I am sure the view would be even more spectacular in low tide.

During low tide, the sea retreats back giving a splendid view of the rocks spread across the bridge. I also have to tell you that this bridge that you see in the picture below is locally called Howrah bridge! :)

That is the natural rock forming a bridge

On the way to the rock formation area, one walks along the sea on the rocky beach enjoying the cool breeze of the open sea on one hand and lush green light forests on the other.

The breathtaking view on the walkway


Waves splashing at the rocks; my attempt at capturing them

How to reach: The rock formation area is about 15-20 mins walk away from Laxmanpur beach 2. There are daily boats that connect Neil Island with Havelock Island and Port Blair.

Our guide standing tall on one of the rocks!

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  2. Sanju says:

    Hi Surabhi, this is very good information for me i am looking for Neil Island . I have search many websites, but know i get the actual information thanks. Because I am planning to see the Neil Island at next month.Thanks foe sharing information about How To Reach Neil Island. Can u Tell me some attractions around that place.

  3. Indie says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you are posting in your blog. I will visit the Islands in august and I am very excited, can you tell me where else we can see this amazing rock formations ext to the see, I have seen pictures of other very high cliff and I want to visit them.

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