Mount Harriet National Park, Port Blair


Andaman is truly a traveler’s delight. It offers a variety of places to visit and an amazing array of natural beauty. Mount Harriet National Park is one such place that is a must see place in Port Blair.

View from Mount Harriet

One of the breathtaking views from Mount Harriet

Andaman has about 9 national parks and Mount Harriet is the most beautiful and the most popular national park. It is in the Ferargunj tehsil of Port Blair and takes about an hour to reach. It is the second highest and the most easily accessible peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

mount harriet timings

Timings of the park

The peak offers some of the most breathtaking views of sunrise and lazily laid Andaman sea all around. The place as such does not have much to see but it can be a perfect place to relax for a day or two. It is far from any kind of noise.

harriet national park

Few swings in Mount Harriet National Park


Mount Harriet

The eco hut at Mount Harriet

You just get to hear the birds chirping or the whistles of the win through the leaves of the thick trees. It is also ideal for those who want to do a light trekk along the trail.

back side view of mount harriet

back side view of mount harriet

Do not confuse it with the national parks that you find in mainland. It is not a park where you can see swings or find wild animals on a safari. It is a reserved area that comes under the Forest Department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and one has to take a pass to enter the park. The pass is easily available at a modest fee at the entrance of the park.

Mount harriet entrance

Entrance where visiting passes are issued

A little away from the main entrance of the park, one can see the picturesque view of North Bay Island.

North Bay Island as seen from Mount Harriet

North Bay Island as seen from Mount Harriet

The view is so captivating that once you are there, you would never wish to come back. It is said that this view is the same which is printed as a background image on a Rs. 20 note.

scenery of rs 20 note

It is said that this scenery is the background image of a Rs.20 note

There is also a Forest Guest House if you want to spend a night at the national park. Please confirm the stay before planning.

How to reach: There are two ways to reach Mount Harriet. You can take a dunghi to bamboo flat or you can take a road via Ferrargunj. It is better to go there during the day and come back by the evening.

Forest Guest House At Mount Harriet

Forest Guest House At Mount Harriet

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