Kala Pathar Beach, Havelock Island


Havelock Island is the most famous and the most beautiful Island of Andaman and Nicobar group. While Havelock Island is mainly known for Radhanagar Beach, there are many other beautiful beaches as well. Today’s beach in the picture is Kala Pathar beach which is about 6-8 kms away from Dolphin resort.

Kala Pathar beach

corals on the beach

Kala Pathar beach is a relatively small yet lovely beach. Silvery sand and aqua green waters make the place exotic and exquisite. The beach, honestly is no where close to Radhanagar beach but nevertheless it is a beautiful place to visit. Sadly, there are no eco huts or shade with benches to sit so the best idea is to carry a hammock, tie it around a tree on the beach, lay down in the hammock and enjoy the view or read your favorite author.

Kala Pathar beach

The white sprawling beach

You can spot dead corals on the beach which is why it is not too suitable for swimming but sitting on one of these corals and watching the sun rise in the morning or just inhaling the fresh breeze blowing over the sea is an experience in itself.

Kala Pathar beach

The beach provides some stunning views

The beach lies next to a village called Kala Pathar and hence the name. It lies towards the end of the road that takes you from Dolphin resort to Kala Pathar.

Kala Pathar beach

Take a relaxing walk on the beach

Most of the tourists come to Havelock, visit Radhanagar and leave. Thus, Kala Pathar sees very few tourists as compared to Radhanagar. So, if you are looking for solitude, this is the place in Havelock!

Kala Pathar beach

Romancing on the beach :)

How to reach: There are regular boat services from Port Blair that connect to Havelock Island. Hire a cab or rent a motorcycle and drive to the beach.

P.S.: Who says we need only DSLRs to shoot good pictures? The pics in this post are taken by my Samsung Galaxy Y mobile phone. I forgot to carry my camera to the beach and had to shoot with my mobile phone.

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