Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island


Neil Island is one of the most beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar group. The place has many attractions and some of the most beautiful beaches as well.

I have already described Bharatpur beach of Neil Island on the blog and today I would take you on a tour to Laxmanpur beach.

Laxmanpur beach, neil Island

The beach spreads from one of the island to the other

Laxmanpur beach is a beautiful, white sandy beach that is full of shells, dead corals and has a beach that is very wide and long and provides an awesome view for an evening walk. The beach also gives an impressive sunset view!

sunset at laxmanpur beach

Sunset at laxmanpur beach

I have been to Neil Island several times and each time I visit, the place seems more beautiful than ever.

romancing on the beach laxmanpur beach

Romancing on the beach! :)

Bharatpur beach is right next to jetty and is not as big as Laxmanpur beach. The former is known for its corals so I suggest snorkeling at Bharatpur beach is a must.

Laxmanpur beach on the other hand is a very long beach and even on peak tourist days, the beach gives you ample of time and space to be on your own and enjoy the privacy even among crowd.

Laxmanpur beach

The white sandy beach of Laxmanpur

Since the beach provides a stunning sunet view, I suggest you go there in the evening. Bharatpur on the other hand should be visited during the day as you might want to go for a swim there or snorkeling which is best experienced only during the early hours of the day.

We also spotted a small tower that the locals had made from the sea shells and dead corals.

beach art neil island

An art made of sea shells and dead corals that we spotted at the beach

One more sunset view for you all!

Sunset view at Laxmanpur beach

Sunset view at Laxmanpur beach

How to reach: Regular ferries run from Havelock Island and Port Blair to Neil Island daily. There are some great resorts to stay in Neil Island.

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