North Bay Island: Best Place in Andaman and Nicobar for Water Activities


I have already stated it umpteen times that Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a bliss on land as well as underwater. While Neil Island stays my favorite when I talk about snorkeling as the island is rich in under water corals, there is another place that gives it strong competition. That place is North Bay Island.

north bay beach

North Bay Island Beach

North Bay Island is about an hour ferry ride away from Port Blair jetty (speed boat takes much less time) and is a lovely place to go for a day’s trip. What makes it even more tempting to visit is the wide array of water activities that one can enjoy.

tourists enjoying at north bay

North Bay Island looks colorful with these boats and tourists

Sea walk has already been introduced and has been going on for over a year now. Along with sea walk, you can do jet skii, speed water boat ride, snorkeling and other such activities at the beautiful North Bay Island.

sea walk boat

Sea Walk Boat at North Bay Island

I went to North Bay Island on a morning in the month of April and I have been wanting to go there again sometime. I liked it so much.

north bay island beach

North Bay Island Beach

There are a number of islands that one can go to if you have a day in Port Blair. Ross Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Red Skin Island, Viper Island, Chatham MillChidiyatapu and North Bay Islands are some of the options.

Ross from North Bay

Ross Island as seen on the way to North Bay

Jolly Buoy remains closed for half of the year because of the weather conditions in Andamans and Red Skin is not my choice. Hence, I would strongly recommend Ross (if you like a laid back day seeing the historic ruins of the British colony in Andaman) or North Bay Island (if you want an adventurous day).

North Bay Island from a distance

Thats how North Bay Island looks like from a distance

The ride from Marina Park, Port Blair by a boat takes anywhere about 30-40 minutes to reach North Bay Island. Most of the boats leave by 11 am in the morning and they only come back by 3 pm. So, plan your day accordingly.

tourists at north bay

Tourists enjoying at North Bay Island

While the main attraction of the place are its water sports and sea walk, the island is very serene in itself and gives you ample space to have some time of yourself on its small beach.

How to reach: Take a boat from Marina Park jetty in Port Blair. Remember the boats generally leave at 9 am though the times change with season and tourists traffic and they come back by 3 pm so a trip to North Bay takes half of your day.

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  2. North Bay is not an Island in itself but part of South Andaman Island. Therefor it is incorrect to suffix “Island” to North Bay.
    Apart from the above factual inacurracy, you have put in tremendous effort to disseminate information on Andamans.

  3. Anil says:

    What Deb said is 100% correct. Suggest correction.

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