Welcome to Know Andamans

Know Andamans was started sometime in 2012 with the aim of providing as much updated information  as possible about the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands group of India.

My name is Surabhi Surendra and the owner and the writer of this blog.

I first came to the islands in early July of 2009 and since then I have been living here. I have travelled extensively within the group of islands and know the islands as an ‘insider’. 

Many friends who wanted to visit Andamans needed lot of information which was not available anywhere on the internet and used to reach out to me. That is when, at my husband’s insistence, I started Know Andamans as a one-stop blog for comprehensive information about the islands.

My association with the islands began in 2009 and in the last 4 yrs of time, I have fallen in love with this serene, surreal place. One thing that holds me back each time I think of moving to mainland is the simplicity of the people of Andamans who truly represent ‘secular’ state.

People of Andamans are simple, honest and kind. It is also a very safe place not only for tourists and locals but also for women who plan to travel here as solo travelers. 

The islands also boast of many ‘firsts’ and ‘only’ in the country – first sea plane, first sea walking, only active mud volcanoes, only island hip hopping experience and probably the longest natural Mangrove walk way! 

In my last three years of stay in Andamans, I have seen the place growing for better but changing for the worse. Tourists who come here to experience the ‘naturalness’ and ‘pristine(ity)’ of the place do not think twice before dumping dozens of plastic water bottles in the sea or on the beaches.

The tourists who claim they love Andamans for what it is, do not appreciate the simplicity of the Andamans’ residents and are the first to break the queues while boarding or de-boarding ships thus teaching the people of Andamans to ‘break’ the civilized culture.

Thus, if you are reading this blog because you are planning a trip to Andamans, I have a request for you to make. PLEASE DO NOT THROW ANY PLASTIC BOTTLE ON ANY OF THE BEACHES OR IN THE SEA. 

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If you wish, you can subscribe to my blog and download my ebook ‘10 Must Do Things in Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ that is currently available for free. It took me more than a month to compile this ebook and the things and places that I recommend are of my honest opinion.

Hope you appreciate my efforts and spread the word about the blog to other visitors.

Last but not the least, I thoroughly enjoy hearing from my readers and hence, if you leave a comment, I would reply to it for sure and if you need any information about the islands, you can drop me an email.

Have a lovely trip to Andamans.