Experience Sea Walk at North Bay Island in Andamans

sea walk
The word ‘Sea Walk’ in itself gives goose bumps. Walking under the sea on the sea bed is something everyone would like to experience. I, for one, would love to do it all the time and Every. Single. Day. In 2006, I was in Mauritius for a fortnight and there we went to a...

North Bay Island: Best Place in Andaman and Nicobar for Water Activities

tourists enjoying at north bay
I have already stated it umpteen times that Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a bliss on land as well as underwater. While Neil Island stays my favorite when I talk about snorkeling as the island is rich in under water corals, there is another place that gives it strong competition. That place is North...

Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island

romancing on the beach laxmanpur beach
Neil Island is one of the most beautiful islands of Andaman and Nicobar group. The place has many attractions and some of the most beautiful beaches as well. I have already described Bharatpur beach of Neil Island on the blog and today I would take you on a tour to Laxmanpur beach. Laxmanpur beach...

Lamiya Bay Beach, Diglipur

lamiya bay beach
In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, if there is one place that offers everything to a traveler, it is Diglipur. From the exotic Ross and Smith Islands to Active Mud Volcanoes, the place is truly blessed with natural beauty. The post today explores another beautiful beach called Lamiya Bay Beach, that lies in Diglipur. It...

CNN Names Radhanagar Beach in Top 100 Beaches of the World

Radhanagar Beach
Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island gets a new feather in its hat. After being named as World’s 7th best beach by Time magazine, the beach now finds itself in the list of 100 best beaches. CNN compiled a list of best beaches of the world and Radhanagar beach at Havelock Island is at no....

Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island

Laxmanpur beach at Neil Island
Last weekend, I visited Bharatpur beach for the second time. It was truly a pleasure to spend some time in the lazy afternoon on the beach and do a round of snorkeling. Bharatpur beach at Neil Island from a distance Bharatpur beach is the beach that one gets to see as soon as you step onto...

Pathi Level Beach, Diglipur

Pathi Level Beach
Last week, we decided to hitch hike to Alfred Caves, mysteriously beautiful and slightly inaccessible caves located in one corner of the town of Diglipur in North and Middle Andamans. Pathi Level Beach, diglipur On our way back to Diglipur city, we went to Pathi Level beach, which was abundant in natural beauty. Widespread...

Wandering Around Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

wandoor beach
Last weekend, we went to Wandoor beach, around 25 kms from Port Blair. Wandoor is a famous beach in Port Blair and attracts hundreds of tourists everyday during the tourist season.   It is very near to Mahatama Gandhi National Marine Park which is a museum of its own kind. Tourists can also go...

Merk Bay Beach, North Passage Island

Merk Bay Beach
Last weekend, we went to North Passage island that contains one of the most beautiful beaches of Andamans – Merk Bay beach.  Merk Bay Beach from a distance North Passage island comes under the area of Middle Andaman. It is situated near to Strait Island (abode of Great Andamanese tribe), Guitar Island and Long...

Asia’s Best and World’s Seventh Best Beach: Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Radhanagr beach- Havelock Island
Today’s post is about the Asia’s best and World’s seventh best beach – Radhanagar beach at Havelock Island. Not many know that an Indian beach has been named as the Asia’s best beach and the world’s seventh best beach by Time magazine! The reputed Time magazine named it as Asia’s best beach in 2004....

Chidiyatapu, Port Blair: The place that gives you the best sunset view in Andamans

If you ask me which place gives the best sunset view in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, I would say it is Chidiyatapu in Port Blair! Chidiyatapu, Port Blair is located at one corner of Port Blair and gives a stunning sunset view. Sunset at Chidiyatapu Andamans is abundant with places that give you awesome...

Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder

Karmatang Beach- Mayabunder
Mayabunder is a rather dull place in terms of tourist spots. There isn’t much to see in Mayabunder except Karmatang beach and Avis Island. This weekend we decided to explore Karmatang Beach. It is in Mayabunder and is about 20 mins drive away from my house. It is a beautiful, green, clean beach that...

A Beach To See In Rangat – Aamkunj Beach

aamkunj beach
Rangat falls in Middle Andaman and there is a well known, beautiful beach known as Aanmkunj beach. The beach is barely 100 mts from the main road i.e. ATR. The forest officials at Rangat under the guidance of the DFO (Divisional Forest Officer), Mr. V. Kannan, took a lovely, green initiative and transformed the...