Geomorphologists’ Delight: Limestone caves in Baratang

Limestone caves in Baratang
Way to the caves Andamans is a traveler’s delight. From vast oceans to historical monuments to mud volcanoes, it has something to offer to every visitor. Even for geomorphologists. People who enjoy digging into the past and natural formations would love limestone caves at Baratang. We have similar caves in Diglipur infact the caves...

Parrot Island, Baratang

Parrot Island
Near Baratang, a place in South Andaman district of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, there is a beautiful and famous tourist attraction known as Parrot Island. This is a small uninhabited island located near Baratang Jetty. What makes it attractive for tourists is the mystery that this island holds which calls thousands of parrots every evening. Parrot...