A Short Trip to Stewart Island, Andaman

Stewart Island
Today I decided to explore another beautiful island in the vicinity. It is called Steward island and it is near by Mayabunder, about 1 hour journey by Dunghi. Yes! that is near in our parameters. Stewart Island I, accompanied by a great companion, left Mayabunder Jetty at 2:30 pm and reached Stewart at 3:30...

Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder

Karmatang Beach- Mayabunder
Mayabunder is a rather dull place in terms of tourist spots. There isn’t much to see in Mayabunder except Karmatang beach and Avis Island. This weekend we decided to explore Karmatang Beach. It is in Mayabunder and is about 20 mins drive away from my house. It is a beautiful, green, clean beach that...

Visiting Avis Island, Mayabunder

Avis Island
This post is about Avis Island in Mayabunder. Avis Island is about 20 mins ride away by Dunghi from Mayabunder jetty. Sadly, Avis Island is not open for tourists. The beautiful, serene Avis Island lies in Mayabunder. Basically, this island is famous for its coconut plantation. A reputed resort owner had taken the land...

One more gem of Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Interview Island

Interview Island
On Saturday morning we started for Interview Island, an Island that is about 3 hrs drive away from Maya Bundar. When we started we were not sure of the distance. We assumed it to be just few minutes away, but right after boarding the boat we got to know that it was really far...