Must Do Things in Andamans

Andaman and Nicobar islands are sure a traveler’s delight.

Abound in nature’s beauty and coupled with some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches, Andamans can boast of several natural phenomenon that are a treat to every human being, whether a traveler or not.

These isolated group of islands have many things that are available ONLY IN ANDAMANS!

I have compiled my top 10 To-Do Things in Andamans in my ebook that you all can download for free, here is a list of all the MUST-DO things in Andamans. This list contains the suggestions that the ebook has and also a little more.

1. Sea Walking

Recently, sea walking has been introduced at North Bay Island. One does not need to know swimming to experience sea walking. North Bay island is about 30 mins. boat ride away from Port Blair and is a beautiful island in itself.
At North Bay, you can experience Sea walking, Jet Skii, Glass Bottom Boat ride to see corals and other  water sports like speed boat etc.
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2. Scuba Diving

Underwater corals and fish
Earlier, Scuba Diving was available only at Havelock Island but now Dive India has extended their service to Neil Island as well.
There are bounty of scuba divers available who are well trained and equipped to take you diving to the corals under the sea. It is definitely a MUST HAVE experience in Andamans as these islands have some of the most beautiful corals in their territory.

3. Visit Limestone Caves, Diglipur and Baratng Caves

Limestone Caves at Baratang
The kind of caves you see on Discovery channel or NatGeo would seem like nothing when you visit Alfred Caves in Diglipur.
The caves are located at a trekking distance of about 40 mins from Ram nagar. So, any of you owho enjoys trekking and would love to explore trekking in forests, should head here. The caves are very famous for swiftlet nests. This is again something that is not possible to experience anywhere else.
Limestone caves in Baratang are relatively much easier to access as almost half of the distance is covered by traveling in a boat through a creek. And this boat ride has its own joy with mangrove trees on both the sides and calm water splashes on you once in a while!
4. Mud Volcanoes, Diglipur
Mud Volcano at Diglipur
Watching a live, active mud volcano today is certainly one of the most fascinating sights. In entire India, active volcanos exist only in A&N Islands – Barren Islands and Diglipur.
There is a series of small volcanos that have been erupting mud for quite a few years now! So much so that you can see a drainage of the mud that has made its own path down the valley. Must visit for everyone.
5. Island Hopping
Capturing a rainbow from Stewart Island
What fun would it be to visit Andamans without Island hopping? On reaching Port Blair, one can go to various islands and can ferry from one island to another.
Port Blair has a frequent ferry connection with nearby islands like Ross Island, North Bay Island, Viper Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Havelock Island and Neil Island.
6. Visit Isolated, Un-inhabited Islands
It was a little difficult for me to mention this on the list here as not many un-inhabited islands are open for tourists, but nevertheless some are. You may visit Guitar IslandStewart IslandLong Island (it is inhabited) Jolly Buoy, Ross and Ross and Smith Islands.
These islands offer the nature at its best and in the purest form. Nothing can beat the idea of spending few hours of solace in solitude amidst the calm beaches.
7.  Sea Food
Fush curry
Some of food joints in Andamans offer the fresh(est) sea food. So, any sea food lover must indulge in the treat.
8. Visit Cellular Jail and Ross Island
Cellular Jail at Port Blair
Cellular jail and Ross Islands are not to be missed if you are history lovers. Both the places offer great insights into the history of pre-independence era of the islands.
The light and sound show of the jail is a must see.
9. Watching Sunrise, Sunset and Moonrise
Sunset at Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island
Andaman and Nicobar islands can offer you the best views of Sunrise, sunset and moonrise, ever possible. Do not miss these cherish-able shots!
10. Experience different modes of transport in Andamans
Seaplane taking off in Andamans
Andamans offers different modes of transport including sea plane which runs only in Andamans, ride in Makkruzz, local carrier Dunghi and other such forms of boats.
Guitar Island near Long Island
Last but not the least, one has to visit the Must-Visit beaches and islands of Andamans. My ebook ’10 Must Do Things In Andamans’ contains the list of beaches and Islands, one must not leave without visiting.
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