Top 10 Beaches of Andamans

TOP 10 Beaches of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are undoubtedly the Beach Capital of India. It has several pristine and exotic beaches and secluded, heavenly islands to boast of.

As a first time tourist to Andamans, one may have a slight difficulty in choosing the best beaches among the myriad of beautiful beaches Andamans has to offer. To ease your confusion, I have compiled a list of the best and Top 10 beaches of Andamans.

Note: I have not included any beach of Nicobar in the list because Nicobar group of islands is not open for tourists.

1. Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Radhanagar beach was named as the Asia’s best beach and world’s seventh best beach by Times magazine in 2007. You see the beach and you realize that it truly deserves the honor.

2. Ross and Smith Island Beach

Ross and Smith Islands Beach

Two wide, beautiful islands of Ross and Smith Islands joined by a sand bar is what makes this pair of islands unique.

The very widely spread beach has fine, white sand on the one end and walkable beach on the other.

Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island

Located on the other end of the Long island, Lalaji Bay beach is a perfect location for a sea swim.

Guitar Island beach, Long Island

This is one of my favorite places in Andamans. The island does look like a guitar and hence the name Guitar Island. The beach is not wide but it is secluded and the water is never wavy or choppy here. An ideal locale for spending a lazy afternoon.

6. Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

Wandoor Beach, Port Blair

Spread over a vast area, Wandoor beach is a very famous tourist spot of Port Blair and it deserves to be. If you visit, be prepared for a long walk on the beach.

7. Butler Bay Beach, Hut Bay Island –

Review coming up soon!

Aamkunj Beach, Rangat

Aamkunj beach is now one of the busiest beaches of Andamans which is mostly frequented by locals and the outsiders alike, thanks to the DFO who took the initiative. It is now a perfect beach for an evening get together.

Karmatang Beach, Mayabunder

A calm, quiet Karmatang beach of Mayabunder has a small park that has a couple of swings for an evening get together. Sand flies make the stay after sun set a little difficult so carry a mosquito repellent.

Merk Bay Beach, Long Island

Merk Bay beach of North Passage Island is remarkable beautiful with its white sand as can be seen in the picture above but just that one has to make the journey in a dunghi in open sea so be ready for the adventure before you embark.

Some other beaches that are truly exotic in beauty but are a little inaccessible to visit are:

Pathi Level Beach

This is my latest discovery and if I am given a chance to own a beach, this is the one I would love to have. Serene, beautiful and clean. Just that it is a little inaccessible. But Pathi level beach is gorgeous! :)

12. Casurina Beach, Diglipur –

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Again, accessibility is what this beach lacks otherwise this is a beach that is so very unlike all other tourist beaches of Andamans. You have to visit it to feel the difference. It gives an awesome sun set view.

Raman Bageecha Beach, Rangat

I once spent an afternoon at Raman Bageecha beach and that noon is now marked in my memory, such is the charm of this lovely place. Though it is not too good for a swim due to rocks but the beach has tall, shady trees so one can hang a hammock and read a novel here all day long.

Stewart Island beach, Mayabunder

Again, a little far off, but very beautiful. Stewart Island beach is not too great given the kind of tropical beaches Andaman has, but it is an uninhabited island and that is what makes it a ‘have to’ visit place.

Avis Island Beach

Sadly, it is not open for tourists but this is my favorite beach in North and Middle Andamans. Water is crystal clear and never scares you. Very calm, Avis Island beach is ideal for floating and should be visited in the early morning to enjoy the early morning sun with the sea.